Ascent - The Space Game

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The Space Game - community, and getting help

You are not alone! The Space Game has a growing community of players who can help ease you into the game.

Community Sites

Miners' Guild - an ingame player organisation described as 'We are a loosely connected group of people who are working together to rebuild civilization and making the game of Ascent a fun and helpful place to be.'
Trade Guild - an ingame player organisation described as: 'a group to help organize the buying, selling, and manufacturing of goods and supplies'

Have a community site and want it added here? Contact us on the Forum.


The brand new forum is the best place now to discuss gameplay, new features, or report bugs.


The wiki can be found here and is frequently updated by players as new features come on line, and in answer to questions in game. The wiki includes player made maps and guides for new players.


#thespacegame on DALnet.


Our Facebook Page is updated regularly with developments and news. Like this page to support us (one of the most helpful things you can do, believe it or not)


Our Uservoice Page is where you can vote on upcoming features, or share your own ideas for how you think The Space Game might develop - even entirely new features. If your feature idea gets enough votes, you might see it in the game someday soon!

How can you help?

Anyone can register and update the wiki - feel free to contribute. Discussions on Facebook or the forum, and ideas/voting on UserVoice have led to changes to game design in the past, so share your thoughts and feedback!